Starboard Sup 8’5”X29″ Pro


“Maximum speed, drive and sensitivity through turns, providing the ability to go vertical or for full roundhouse cutbacks.”

Enables you to generate ridiculous speed with incredible projection vertically through a single concave bottom feeding into a slight tail V. A super smooth outline with low apex rails for extra agility blends incredible cutbacks with the ability to keep producing speed through a turn. You will notice the board still maintains stability despite its’ 29” width as volume has been retained above the dropped rail, providing balance. Thruster and quad configurations produce two different sensations; thrusters for more drive and Quad for “whippier” turns. The 8’5 Pro is Scott McKercher’s development platform and what works in the 8’5” Pro often goes into next year’s models. Optimal for waves with 4 to 10 foot faces.

“Mono-concave feeding into V just at the tail.”