Shinn 2012 : dettagli tecnici

FR-fin versus FS-fin
Have you ever wondered why we use different fins for freeride and freestyle?

Constant curve rocker
We bend the rules
So, how does it work and why do you need it?
If you’ve come this far you’ll want to read this.
Reason 1
Conventional rockers have multiple radiuses however our new design maintains a constant curve from tip to tail. As power increases and you load the rail you naturally transfer more weight to your back foot, the cc rocker contact with the water remains constant (unlike multiple radius versions) no matter how your balance is distributed between your feet, meaning no trim adjustment and no increase in leg pressure is needed – constant grip and constant power in all conditions.
Reason 2
The progressive concave flattens the centre of the board to enhance glide and efficiency when riding flatter in less powered conditions but leaves the rocker continuous at the rail where it’s needed for powered riding.
Reason 3
Massively increasing the lift in the extremes of the board has the added bonus of eliminating tip strike when riding in chop and that means no spray in the riders eyes – ever.

Width & length
Choosing your size.
Whilst many riders still look at the length of the board when choosing their size it’s much more relevant to look at the width. The length of the board can be affected by the shaping of the tip and tail – which in reality plays little part in the performance of the board.To clarify the situation further the difference in surface area between a 130 x 40 and a 130 x 42 is approximately 260 cm2 whilst increasing the length of a 130 x 40 to 135 x 40 would give an increase in surface area of less than 200 cm2 – nearly 25% less.
All of our boards are available in multiple widths to allow you to find the perfect size for your weight, riding style and favoured riding conditions.

Hydro-Flo Technology

Vertical Strake. The 90 degree strake at the edge of the conduit re-directs water flow over the entire surface of the fin enhancing the performance of the profile and allowing the use of smaller fins without the associated loss of grip and drive.
Variable rocker. The conduit INCREASES the rocker at the rail of the board whilst maintaining our incredibly successful Constant Curve through the central area. The effect? Less rail catching at speed and a more aggressive carve into your POP.
Improved Flex control. It’s no secret, softer tips add control to the board whilst stiffer ones improve POP…. until now! Through endless tests and experiments we’ve used the conduits to re-define tail flex and provide control AND POP; the best of both worlds!